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Still nothing clear as to whether Wolfchild II is over or not.

See the recap of the First Saturday August 6th meeting.

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The frequent eMail question I receive weekly:

Is Wolfchild II done?
The only answer I have:

Only the 6 lead plaintiffs and MKE-Law know!.

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05/28/2016: Cobell v. Jewell Class Action Settlement Update:
The United States District Court for the District of Columbia has approved the Stage 2 Distribution of settlement funds to members of the Trust Administration Class in the Cobell v. Jewell Class Action Settlement and payments are being received by those members.   The minimum payment to Trust Administration Class Members is &869.00.

You can review the Settlement Agreement at www.IndianTrust.com for further details.   If you had an IIM (Individual Indian Money) account recorded in the federal government systems anytime from approximately 198 to 2009, you have or will soon be receiving Stage 2 settlement money.

If you have not kept the federal government updated on any change of mailing address during the last 10 years, you are probably one of the 30,000 Class Members designated as "Whereabouts Unknown" and need to visit the IndianTrust website and search for your name.

Updating your residence or mailing address in the federal government IIM database is as simple as two phone calls. Your first phone call would be to obtain your IIM account number.   Once you obtain it, the second call is to advise Indian Trust Settlement of your current mailing address.   The phone numbers are listed in the IndianTrust website.

None of the above, of course, has anything to do with Wolfchild II but it was considered an item of interest.   Hopfully, in the not to distant future, good news will also be received for the Wolfchild II Plaintiffs, and all others similarily situated.

04/06/2016: First Saturday meeting notes for April 2, 2016 uploaded this date.

04/01/2016: The Petition for Special Election has been reopened.   If you have not yet signed a petition you might want to do so real soon.   A favorable ruling from appellate court is expected any day now.   If you want to remain uncommitted or disinterested, that is your decision.

03/05/2016: Cosmetic changes were made to the website that included modifing the directory.

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