This Oyate is comprised of lineal descendants of the Mdewakanton Indians of the Sioux Nation who were allowed to remain in Minnesota after the 1862 Uprising. The adjective "diasporated" is a modification of the noun "diaspora." Although "diaspora" is commonly associated with the dispersion of the Jewish people, it is defined as "the dispersion or spread of any people from their original homeland" by the Oxford dictionary.
The Mdewakanton people allowed to remain in Minnesota during the 1863 Dakota Exile were a mixture of full-blood and mixed-blood Indians who remained loyal to the United States government during the 1862 Dakota Uprising. Many were credited with saving white settler lives during the conflict. Their immediate fate following 1862 was much less severe than the fate of the exiled hostile Indians and those who were killed by mass execution. However, promises made by the United States government for their betterment failed, so they began seeking better lives for themselves and their families. They took risks by going to new strange locations living among unfamiliar cultures in North America in order for their families to live better lives. Their descendants now live in all fifty States and several foreign countries.


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