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This is a new webpage.

A week has passed since the last Rocque Roundtable post.  No information has come forth yet from Erick Kaardal's meetings with the Wolfchild lead plaintiffs or the Mdewakanton Sioux Indians of Minnesota lead plaintiffs(MSIM) after the judge ruled against the latest verified complaint.
So, an acknowledgement process is on hold.

Word was received though, that there was a Facebook posting indicating the Madaline Rocque Descendants are not up-to-date in their understanding of minor aspect of the OFA process.  We are aware that a "letter of intent" is no longer required, however, it is believed the letter is still a proper and formal way to begin corresponding with the OFA.  Nothing in the 2015 OFA changes state that submitting a letter of intend will automatically disqualify any further processing.
So, it will be used when the time comes.

The sample "letter of intent" only contains four sentences so constructing a letter can be done in a heart beat.  The REAL difficulty in drafting a "letter of intent" is determining who will be the signatories to this letter; the names of the elected officials and their positions.
So, lets explore that difficulty.

There are no elected officials for the Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota Oyate or the Mdewakanton Sioux Indians of Minnesota.  No leadership exists after the past nearly 15 years of Wolfchild I&II and MSIM litigation.  Erick Kaardal said during Wolfchild I that we needed to get organized so we appear a tribal entity.
Didn't happened.

Erick Kaardal said at the onset of Wolfchild II that we needed to get organized.  He even had MKLaw's paralegal John Gryzbek, who has organized and chaired several civic organizations, speak to us on the need to organize.
Nothing happened.

When the Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota Oyate was created to keep lineal descendants aware to litigation activity, a "petition for special election" commenced to create a leadership body for the MMDO but it was met with a huge lack of interest by the supposed 8,000 lineal descendant plaintiffs.
The petition "died on the vine."

The Madaline Rocque Descendants believe that there will never be a "coming together" of all the lineal descendant families of the "Loyal Mdewakanton" who are spread across the contiguous United States, Alaska and Hawaii.  A few of the lineal descendants feel they should lead without an election.  The other 99% are content to wait and do nothing and hope for something to be handed them.  At some point in the near future, the Madaline Rocque Descendants will proceed alone because we are organized.  However, we realize it is not possible to proceed with the acknowledgement process on one hand while litigation continues on the other.
So, we wait!

Dale E. Ebersold
Madaline Rocque descendant
Indianapolis, Indiana
mad-rocque @ comcast.net

The Mdewakanton Sioux Indians in Minnesota (MSIM) litigation has ended with District Judge Rudolph Contrera issuing an ORDER granting the Defendant [U. S. Department of Interior] MOTION FOR DISMISSAL.

The judge left the door open for future Plaintiff action stating in the accompanied MEMORANDUM OPINION that Plaintiffs had not exhausted all Administrative Procedures available to satify their complaint. It is not hard to read between the lines and "hear" him saying, "Quit continuing to sue the U. S. Government and begin working with the U. S. Government, i.e., Department of Interior to address your complaint."

It is time for the Madaline Rocque Lineal Descendants to seriously consider the Federal Acknowledgment Process and begin with writing to the Department of Interior - Bureau of Indian Affairs - Office of Federal Acknowlegement to express our intention to submit a documented petition for the Federal acknowledgment process under Title 25, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 83 (25 CFR Part 83).

Become familiar with the following websites and then contact me at mad-rocque@comcast.net if you are interested in creating a discussion group to consider the acknowledgement process.

Bureau of Indian Affairs - BIA

BIA - Office of Federal Acknowledgment

BIA-OFA Sample Formats for Petitioner Submissions

Letter of Intent

If any other family group of lineal descendants is interested in joining our family group, you are very welcome to join.

All information regarding the Mississippi Sioux Judgment Fund Final Payment has been moved to the new Mississippi Sioux Judgment Fund for Mdewakanton and Wahpakoota Lineal Descendants webpage. See the new link above.

The Rocque Roundtable ProBoard Forum has not taken off as originally expected. Discussion on the Forum is only in regards to Rocque Family history, reunions, etc., which is probably the big reason for the lack of interest from Madaline Rocque lineal descendants.

There is no information regarding the current Mdewakanton Sioux Indians in Minnesota (MSIM) litigation on the Forum. You can find all the latest information on MSIM as well as the Mississippi Sioux Judgment Fund on their respective links found in the directory above.

Fourteen new threads have been added to the new ProBoard Forum.

This is a new webpage to keep Madaline Rocque lineal descendants connected and updated on our Native ancestry.   For the past 40 years we have stayed connected by family reunions, smaller cousin get-togethers and telephone conversations.   During the last 15 years of Wolfchild I & II litigation, by use of a "pyramid eMail notification system."

Beginning today, news and information will be posted, read and/or replied to, on the new ProBoard Forum.   On your first visit, you will be asked to identify yourself with an exchange of private eMails between you and the Forum Administrator or a Forum Moderator who are also Madaline Rocque lineal descendants.

With the release of the 7,440 Wolfchild I client names in an ALPHA-NUMERIC PLAINTIFF LIST used in the new Mdewakanton Sioux Indians of Minnesota verified complaint filed in United States District Court for the District of Columbia, an additional 43, never before known, relatives appeared.   This new 213 page ALPHA-NUMERIC PLAINTIFF LIST contains a "never before released" ID number that can be used to sort individuals into family groups, "a genuine genealogist nugget."

A listing of all 397 Madaline Rocque lineal descendants who appear in the aforementioned ALPHA-NUMERIC PLAINTIFF LIST who were represented by Mohrman & Kaardal, P.A. in the unsuccessful Wolfchild I Litigation can be found in the new ProBoard Forum.

If you would like to know more about Madaline Rocque (or refresh your memory of her) go to:
Tatanka-najin-win (Standing Buffalo Woman)
Informational Website

There is close to 300 other Madaline Rocque lineal descendants who were not represented by Mohrman & Kaardal, P.A. in the unsuccessful Wolfchild I Litigation.   This large group contains lineal descendants who could not gather all the birth or baptismal certificates required by Mohrman & Kaardal, P.A. in order to become certified clients before the court-imposed deadline.

This non-represented group also contain lineal descendants who were never aware of the Wolfchild I lawsuit that began in Court of Federal Claims, Washington, D.C.

Both of these two unrepresented lineal descendant groups need to be included with their cousins on the ALPHA-NUMERIC PLAINTIFF LIST.

Look for more on this project here when a structured collection process is finalized.   This can be completed by this Winter's end.

The Madaline Rocque lineal descendants on the ALPHA-NUMERIC PLAINTIFF LIST are only those who descend from Josephine Rocque Ebersold, her youngest daughter and it only contains the names of about half of them.

This project will also be gathering Madaline Rocque descendants from her other children who had families:

Matilda Rocque Ebersold Campbell, her oldest daughter.
Matilda Rocque had two Ebersold son's who produced their own families, Edward E. Ebersold (1871-1918) and Rudolph T. Ebersold (1875-1939).   Matilda had three George Campbell (1846-1913) children but I am not sure if they had families or not; Anne Blance Campbell (1881-1967), George Campbell (1886-1906) and Josephine Campbell (1887-1890).

Felix Rocque (1859-1890), her youngest son
In union with Susan Upanna (abt. 1844-????), they had three children but only one child produced a family, Josephine Rocque (1880-1913).   Josephine had two Whipple son's, Amos and Benjamin, but it is not known if they produced families.

Another item of information needs to be mentioned here today and it only pertains to the lineal descendants who appear on the ALPHA-NUMERIC PLAINTIFF LIST.   A list of newborn lineal descendants (born after the 2005 court-imposed cut-off date) will be kept up-to-date on the new ProBoard Forum.

Send comments, questions or suggestions to:

admin @ MMDO1886.org
Minnesota Mdewakanton Dakota Oyate
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